I ran a  three day  workshop with Cowslip using Newhouse Organic Farm
and individual references from books and text as a starting point.
looked at different ways of texturing and colouring surfaces using
old books,text and magazines as our base surface. The book or
references helping with the direction of the projects alongside

stitching as an extension of mark making and drawing. A focus was
placed on the importance of keeping a sketchbook/journal as part of
the process of making.
The ambience of the farm was greately enhanced by the warm weather
and excellentfood at the on-site restuarant. It felt more than
Spring like,shirt sleeve weather with the sheep and lambs bleeting
away as we took the workshop outside to stitch.
Thanks to all the students who at times were my right hand as my
arm is still in plaster.Fantastic work by everyone.
Jo Colwill runs an excellent programme of workshops supported
by agreat team of people who made everyone feel very welcome.


I agree. Cowslip is wonderful. I had my introduction when a did a workshop 'From the Land' with you three years ago. Loved every minute. Hope you will loose your plaster soon.
Cas Holmes said…
Hvae lost plaster. Hand and wrist stiff and swollen...waiting for physio. Thanks for your feedback Lizzie. Just spent weekend at West Dean...fantastic group of ladies wo all acted as my right hand.

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