Next stage of editing The Found Object in Textile Art

Have just finished putting the text to images. Its strange to see my name as author to a book. Reaching the final stages before printing. I am teaching at West Dean next week starting on no Valentine's evening with my partner but at least at one of my favourite places!

A really busy February as we move further into 2010 will keep you posted on exhibitions and events. Meanwhile, it remains really cold in the South East of England and likely to get colder. My Auntie knits the family bedsocks out of waste wool...have really needed them!


Lottie said…
Just wanted to leave a comment to say that I love your pieces! I am a fellow 'found art' fan and it's really interesting to see other people's take on it.

Lottie x
Cas Holmes said…
HI Lottie

Many thanks for your comments. Am busy teaching at West Dean this coming week. Leaving Sunday so no Valentines celebration for me! Sharing the found art experience.

all best

Anonymous said…
You will not remember me, but I attended one of your workshops in Bloxham (Embroiderers' Guild_ a few years back and was captivated. I still have the experimental pieces I tried on that Saturday pinned to the bulletin board in my attic roofspace. So glad I have discovered that you have a blog (via Art Van Go - a favourite supplier) and will now read back through your posts and look once more at you websites. And you may recall, you once allowed me to mention you in a magazine article I was writing.

All the best, Ann.
So glad I found your blog. I love your work
Cas Holmes said…
HI Anne and Caroline

Great you have signed in. Loved your blogs too and wealth of ideas. The textile world is such a sharing one!

all best


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