Heart of Kent Hospice Auction and Fibre Arts Takes Two Course


This is a detail of Dandelion, if you fancy getting your hands on this original piece of work? I’ve donated it to the Art of Kent Auction for Heart of Kent Hospice. The money raised will help the Hospice continue to offer outstanding care in our local community. The Auction opens Tuesday 12th until 14th March Register your interest and see all the art donated by Kentish artists (and a few celebrities to boot) at: HOKH Website 

I am delighted to announce that Making Connection with Fibre Arts Takes TTwo opens for enrolment on the 29th of March. 

"Creating meaningful art allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, evoking emotions and sparking conversations that can leave a lasting impact. It allows you to express your unique perspective and tell a story through your art, making it more personal and relatable.
Cas Holmes understands the importance of creating a dialogue with the materials you use. She creates artwork layered with meaning by piecing together somewhat disparate materials so they can weave in their own history onto the work and ultimately stimulate the viewer’s imagination.
Cas also knows that before you unlock your creativity and elevate your artistry, first you must be willing to take a risk."
                                                                              (Fibre Art Takes Two)

For all updates on exhibitions and teaching including a unique opportunity to work with me in the South of France  in June and short Expressive Drawing courses with Kent Adult Education  in April and May please see the links on my website.



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