Interview with Rob Smith , Storytellers and teaching

Reflection on talking, teaching and the power of our voices,  interview with Rob Smith as part of Storytellers which continues at the Beaney Museum in Canterbury until Sunday 25th February. 

Photo courtesy of Nathalie Banaigs

Rob Smith former BBC News presenter and journalist now runs his own company Wild Rover Media and brings and his interviewing skills leads to a discussion which explore my story, from growing up in Norfolk with Romani heritage to my transition from being a painter to primarily working with cloth, and later to my role as 'artist-carer'.

It was a privilege to have been invited to take part in Storytellers by Nathalie Banaigs. of Kent Creative. Powerful curation which adds another dimension to the how artworks can be interpreted in a museum and gallery context. Each artist has created imaginative work with voices that communicate on so many levels. (Thankyou Shelley Ganderton for the photograph of Memory in the image above)

I will be in the gallery to talk about my work Memory from 2pm  on Sunday 25th if you want to pop in and say hello. 

Gypsy Makers Tour

Cultivate Cas Holmes photo by Harry Meadley

I am delighted to have some 'new for from old pieces' in Gypsy Makers - An exhibition of new and existing artworks from the Romani Cultural and Arts Company art collection, marking the tenth anniversary of the ground-breaking Gypsy Maker project at Ty Pawb in Wrexham until 30th March, before moving on to g39, Cardiff – 10th April to 25th May 2024. Most of my works were created from destroyed, re-used and recreated pieces. A metaphor tor rebuilding and resilience.

Teaching and Workshops:Finding the Balance

Image: Wild Winter Gardens. On-line course with West Dean College

Finally, I am finding the balance between the Care-Create aspects of my work and am finding creative solutions to organising teaching and workshops with my educational and learning partners. True, I am doing less teaching now but it still remains important to me as part of my practice. 

Screenshot of my pc
WIP laid out for demonstration

I run courses online by invitation and am currently in the  middle of a Stitch-Sketch-Book workshop with a USA group I work with on a regular basis. As you can see by the images working via Zoom demands a good deal of flexibility on my part, it allows me to continue teaching but also allows learners to have access to learning with me from wherever they are in the world, or where personal circumstances may also limit their ability to travel or be in a classroom.

Yet, I do get into the classroom when I can. I continue to teach Drawing and Painting  courses as 'Blended Lessons' with Adult Education (some people at home and some in the classroom) and have some taster Expressive Drawing courses coming up in April and May starting at £40

Working is dependent on location, carers (and overnight cover in some cases), so by nature the logistics are complex to organise and as a result, in-place workshops are less frequent now. In June I am teaching in France (Derek's brother will be here to provide welcome support)  I aim to do a least one workshop overseas if I can each year. Where I can't, my bespoke course with Fibre Arts Takes Two  which opens for enrolment soon, provide that in depth experience a residential course can provide. Just differently.

All open to enrol courses are listed onto my website which I update when they come in. This includes two one day courses on 6  April and 5th July with West Dean College at their new London Campus. 

I find the intellectual and creative challenge teaching brings stimulating. If you would like to work with me, we can always talk about what may be possible.


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