Wanderer...walking and working

Summer always proves a busy time of year and much of the time teaching, working and walking combine as I travel.  I have recently returned from back to back trips to France and Germany and have also been to Ireland and Yorkshire.
Images starting with the West Coast of Ireland are below.
Vardo as part of an Irish Traveller's event at Galway City Museum during Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month.
Incredible stone walls on Inisheer

Lund Studios Yorkshire (I am back there in 2020)

Kukate, Germany

Malta Wildflowers, a textile memory of an earlier trip has found a new home:
Alpine Experience  Images of recent workshop.

 Thankyou from students

My connection to my Romany Grandmother appears to be strongly connected to my feet.! A traditional name for a traveller in Ireland 'An Lucht Siúil' translates as 'The Walking People'. This delightful animation, Roads to The Past'  written by Damien Le Bas with artwork by Beck Williams provides a short History of Britain's Gypsies, Roma and Travellers. You can find out more about the cultural background and creative projects today on the Romani Cultural and Arts Company website.
Whilst Tea Flora Tales last shown at my exhibition in Rochester has come to the end of its exhibition life its influence inspired 52 Stitched Stories, a Community Arts Project on the Isle of Arran. The project is open to all who wish to develop their personal narratives on a postcard size piece of work once a week for a year 

I am back on the road in a couple of days for West Dean Summer school and then a few weeks off in August to get back into the studio. I have a major project I am working on at the moment connected to my 'roots'. I will be able to say more in the near future. Meanwhile, I continue to stitch as I work.


Anna said…
It looks like you have had a fabulously beautiful and busy summer, Cas. I look forward to seeing more of the project you are working on.
Anna x
Cas Holmes said…
thankyou Anna..the wandering continues.
susan hemann said…
Thank you for opening new doors for me! Such beautiful pictures!
Cas Holmes said…
Thankyou Anna..still wandering
Cas Holmes said…
Appreciate your kind comments Susan
Marni said…
Thanks for the film. That's the first fuller explanation of Gypsies/Roma that I've seen.
Cas Holmes said…
It is a lovely little film

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