Norwich Cathedral Battle of Britain Lace

Spending a few days in Norfolk. Saw this wonderful piece of lacework in Norwich Cathedral marking the Battle of Britain. More images on facebook


Cda00uk said…
P.S. - I've just Googled the Norwich piece [couldn't get your FB link to work]and it is similar in size and layout to the Southampton piece. I don't know enough about lace to comment on the techniques - but what pieces of work. I wonder who made them?
Cda00uk said…
I have no idea why my first comment disappeared - the second one makes little sense without it! I said that there is a similar piece in Solent Sky Air Museum.

I've since spent half an hour with my friend Google and found out quite a lot about these Battle of Britain commemorative pieces, which have a fascinating history. There were apparently over 30 in all - wonder where the others are?
Penny said…
Fantastic piece, interesting that there are others around. Have a fruitful and joyous 2012 Cas.
Cas Holmes said…
hello celia

I think you may have to friend me to see images on facebook. There were a lot of commemorative pieces undertaken after the war including Tapestries. Avery good one in Jersey.

Happy New Year

B.F. said…
They were designed and made by Dobsons and M. Browne of Nottingham between 1942/8.
The definitive book, "The Battle of Britain in Lace" by W. B. Rowe is available directly from him.You should be able to Google his details.
To date we have located 31 of them.
The one in Norwich Cathedral used to be at RAF Coltishall and is destined for RAF Cranwell.
B. F.

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