I am in Australia

I have arrived in Australia. In Sydney at the moment. I have captured some images of the scenes...including the essentail bridge view and a variety of animals. Am looking out for the spiders..will probably run the other way! Am very busy being a tourist for a few days but also trying to make sketches as I go. Am only just about recovering from the jet-lag. Will try and be good and keep the creative side going as well as even in the wettest period for some time which makes Sydney feel like Newcastle-Upon-Tyne!


Jennie Atkinson said…
Have a wonderful time Cas! Jennie x
deb said…
Welcome to Australia Cas, looking forward to meeting you in Ballarat. Enjoy being a tourist. Deb
Tricks said…
Lovely photos Cas, so glad you're enjoying it. Good luck and best wishes with all your venture out there or should I say down there, lol. Speak soon Tricia
Have a wonderful adventure and a lovely Easter weekend
Spring blessings
Carolyn ♥

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