Retro-Active Janet Sturge

Worth seeing is a a major retrospective at Maidstone Library Gallery of the work of Janet Sturge, Artist, Quaker and humanist. This exhibition is on until the 29th July and there is something for everyone to enjoy. The quality and volume of the work spans over 60 years and is a testament to a life lived and observed with a good hand and eye, humour and often strong social comment on the world we live in.

I wish I had half her tenacity and quality of experience. This is one not to be missed.

Personal favourites of mine are the Indian Dancers series for sheer exuberance (and shared memories)

Janet states of her more recent work:

Meantime I had secretly been making hundreds of spontaneous ‘Free Paintings’ – frowned upon by KIAD tutors – from blobs and scribbles. Latterly I have started to use some of these, first in block prints of imaginary animals, which stand for very human feelings and situations. A chance opportunity to use the animal collections at Quex House led to a second series where I have laid block prints on rice paper over computer text and digital images of rooms in the mansion. Since leaving KIAD I have made all my prints by hand, rubbing with a spoon.
Now comes the time to make new oil paintings from some of the figures which sprang directly from the imagination ....


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